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A custom designed crossing net and rope bridge designed and constructed by The team was contracted to erect this large rope bridge crossing for native wildlife to safely cross.

The native animals move by gliding from tree to tree, so where there are large gaps in tree cover, such as roads, they are unable to cross.

The rope bridge can be erected wherever there are large gaps in the trees such as driveways, roads and freeways. Possums, gliders and other native animals traverse the aerial ropeway, using the top of the crossing like a ladder.

Interest in purpose built structures to enable animals to cross roads more easily is increasing in Australia and internationally. Sadly, survival rates of animals near freeways are about one-third less than those of animals living further away. Rope and net bridges have proven a very effective measure in protecting the wildlife. also has wire rope ladders for sale. Contact us if you would like any more information on the fauna crossings or any other products today and let us be the problem solvers for your problem area!

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Mobile: 0413 940 722

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For Inspection, Exploration, Rescue & Escape. The Ladders are designed for use in difficult places where a rigid ladder would be impractical. They are so light and compact that one man could easily carry 60 meters or more in a pack. In places where access has been by means of a rope or free climbing, the use of a wire rope ladder will greatly increase safety. See and purchase wire rope ladders... can custom design a net to suit your needs. Using the best materials from around the world, we will design and install netting solutions to what most people may consider to be the most unusual and difficult of locations. We will inspect your property, submit a quotation, provide you with net samples, a proposed time management work schedule, and we will finish within budget.

We not only fit net to existing structures such as warehouses, schools and hospitals, but we have also consulted with businesses & universities to erect new structures for research, development areas for native flora and fauna protective shelters & built custom designed structures such as bird aviaries and fauna crossing rope bridges.

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Contact David:
Mobile: 0413 940 722

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