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Welcome to Australia’s leading supplier of Safety and Sports Netting.

Since 2001 we have been committed to developing the very best and most effective custom made netting for customers right around Australia and around the world.  Our invaluable experience working in the netting industry, has enabled our professional team to provide netting solutions for companies to provide enhanced safety and security to their employees, facilities and customers.

Every custom made net is designed and manufactured to the individual demands of the task required, giving the specific solution the job calls for, something stock standard items from a large retailer simply can not provide.

Being a proudly owned and operated Australian company, we use quality locally sourced materials and services. All our netting products are designed and manufactured locally to the highest standard. Our focus is on providing you with a Personalised Solution that is Safe and of the Highest Quality.

We supply all types of sports netting including:

Our experienced team are on hand to discuss your sports netting design requirements to meet the specific needs of your sports facility, club or school.

We not only fit nets to existing structures such as warehouses, schools and hospitals but we have also consulted with businesses and universities to design new structures for research of the environment industry for many native species and the environment.

We also manufacture Bird Netting, Fall Arrest Safety Nets and Walk on Platform Safety Nets for the building and construction industry plus the mining industry.

Like any other piece of property or equipment, your netting should have regular safety checks performed on it and be well maintained.  The team can perform safety checks at our warehouse that will add years of life back to your netting.

Isn’t it time for you to find out why we are considered as the leading provider and manufacturer of custom made safety netting.  All we do is nets so our selection of netting supplies is unrivalled in range as well as being the highest quality.

Call us and David and our design team can assist to create the personalised option perfect for your job.  No matter whether you are searching for something small like a cargo net right through to massive golf netting protection or anything in between, we supply the finest quality netting products.

We eagerly anticipate collaborating with you to develop the high quality custom made netting solution that you job requires.

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