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Bird Netting

As Australia’s leading netting expert, supplies and installs custom-made anti-bird netting and netting solutions for all areas in Australia. When it comes to controlling our feathered friends, bird netting plays a crucial role. Our custom bird nets and netting products protect your valuable property and equipment to create a safe and healthy environment free from pest birds.

Bird control is a recurring issue, particularly in urban environments. As a result, the usage of bird netting in Australia is soaring!

What is Bird Netting?

Most bird nets are made of UV-stabilized material such as polyethylene. It is commonly used to prevent birds from accessing unwanted areas like gardens, warehouses, and carports. Bird netting can temporarily be used for seasonal bird problems or heavy duty permanently installed on structures for commercial applications. Netting is one of the most effective bird control solutions available for pesky birds.  It is also the least harmful and non-lethal form of bird control.

Choose A Mesh Size that Works for You

Choosing the right mesh size is arguably the most important step to deterring birds from your property. The following high quality bird net mesh sizes are standards within the bird control industry. The type of net you need will depend up to the type of bird that is causing your bird problem.

  • 3/4″ Mesh – Stops All Birds (Small, Medium & Large Birds) 
  • 1 1/8″ Mesh – Stops Starlings (Medium & Large Birds)
  • 2″ Mesh – Stops Pigeon populations, Seagulls and Larger (Large Birds) 

Bird damage is preventable.commercial bird netting anthony's primary school

The major complaints are destruction to corporate signage, awnings and bird droppings at shopping centre entrances. This poses potential risks causing occupational health and safety issues for customers and workers alike by slipping and injuring themselves.

Pigeons are a population of birds that are fast-growing, they have been referred to as the ‘flying rat’, not because of their appearance, but because of the diseases and parasites, they carry. Bites from bird mites or bird lice, are 10 times worse than fleas and cause severe skin irritation and blotching, particularly in children or people with sensitive skin.

This is why Pigeon Netting is one of the best Bird Control services that a business can take advantage of.

Usages for Bird Netting

Bird Control Netting for Building protection

Bird netting is among the most efficient and also long-lasting means of bird-proofing buildings and various other frameworks versus all metropolitan bird varieties. It provides a very discreet and impervious barrier that secures properties without harming the birds.

Crop protection using quality netting

Bird nets are used to avoid bird damage to vegetable and also fruit trees in addition to seedlings. Birds and also bats can trigger terrific damage to farmers as they often tend to peck one fruit, after that go to another, for that reason messing up a large percentage of otherwise commercially valuable production. As soon as also a small portion is bitten off, that fruit container not be offered and if harvested will certainly rot or ferment, damaging the remainder of the gathered situation.

Fish protection

Bird netting might be utilised to protect fisheries and also fish wild animals books from killer birds. Also in tank farming, cultivators need to secure their work and fish crops from marauding birds. These sorts of birds have usually a larger wing span (seagulls, pelicans, herons, cormorants and so on) as well as a bigger mesh size (with specific strands being more resistant as it will be mounted on a stainless steel cable system crossing the expanding ponds).

Mining ponds can be protected effectively using bird netting

Miners will make use of chemical agents to draw out minerals or metals from gravels. These dangerous chemicals can be accessed from the water surface of tailings ponds and must be protected by use of bird exclusion netting. The Environmental Protection Authority mandates that such tailings fish ponds be covered with pond netting all times to avoid loss of wild animals.

In residential areas

Nowadays many homes have solar panels on them which can save a homeowner from power bills. Smaller birds may look to nest under the panels or defecate on the panels, causing a loss of energy protection. are the bird netting solutions specialist for anti bird netting and is manufactured here within our factory on the Gold Coast, Australia. work with you from the initial design to proper installation to create a bird netting system tailored to fit into your budget and requirements. 


Humane Anti-Bird Nets You Can Rely On

With over 2 decades of experience supplying the best bird netting, is recognized as the Australian leader in specialty netting for military, commercial, environmental and transportation needs. Count on our humane bird netting to get the job done the first time every time. There are many reasons to put up a bird net, and this article will spotlight several. Whether you raise chickens and pheasants or need to keep pigeons off the ledge of a downtown building, we have the bird netting you need.

Our bird control netting is environmentally friendly and offers a humane alternative to other preventative measures. Our nylon bird netting comes in large rolls and is weather-resistant, protected against ultraviolet light and long-lasting. Our bird mesh will keep small birds, pigeons, bats and other flying pests from presenting a health hazard or causing damage where they don’t belong. Bird netting can be found in hangars, warehouses, barns, churches and many other places where it prohibits yet protects birds harmlessly.

Contact the team to custom design a bird netting installation to suit your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to keep the furry friends safe, choose a mesh that’s less than five millimetres in size. You can do this by doing what’s called ‘the finger test’ and poking your fingers through both sides of each netting type before making up your mind which one will work best for wildlife safety!
Netting is a tried-and true bird control method. It’s one of our most common techniques, but it has its drawbacks too! Netting can cause bigger birds like crows and ravens to become tangled up in their own nests or other smaller animal spices that get trapped inside with them – seriously hurting some species’ feet if not dealt with quickly enough (or at all).
The general visual impact of black netting is inferior than using a white net. In fact, the black mesh seems to blend better with its surroundings and can be hard for people looking at things up close or from afar – especially if there are other colours in between them!

 Bird Pest Control

When it involves protecting against birds, from constructing nests on your property, or roosting in places where droppings can create financial problems as well as health issues, prevention is far better than cure.

Our bird netting solutions are designed to prevent the issue prior to it starting, creating, producing and developing an environment where birds are not able to conveniently roost or nest. This compels them to nest somewhere else, reducing the threat of undesirable particle damage, as well as droppings- all without hurting the birds.

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Our nets provide a bird control method that will provide you with peace of mind and protection for your valuable assets.

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