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Understanding the Health Risks Associated with Bird Infestations in Commercial Buildings

Understanding the Health Risks Associated with Bird Infestations in Commercial Buildings

Birds like pigeons, sparrows, and starlings tend to gather near commercial buildings for nesting purposes. Not only do these urban species cause structural damage, but their droppings also pose health threats; in fact, they have been known to transmit over 60 zoonotic diseases (diseases that are transmissible by birds to humans) that pose risks to people’s health, such as Lyme disease. Other illnesses they could transmit include:

Cryptococcosis: Cryptococcosis is an acute pulmonary illness caused by yeast found in the digestive systems of pigeons and starlings that may, in extreme cases, spread into their central nervous systems and attack directly.

Chlamydiosis: This lung infection is caused by a bacterial parasite commonly found in bird feces, urine, saliva, and feather dust. Symptoms may include fever, headaches, muscle aches, dry coughs, and shortness of breath.

Histoplasmosis: a potentially lethal respiratory illness caused by a fungus found in dried bird droppings. Salmonella: Salmonella bacteria found in birds’ droppings can persist in soil and water sources for extended periods, leading to serious intestinal illnesses in people exposed.

Case Study: Dangers of Bird Infestations

Erica Richards, from Canada, provides a dramatic illustration of the dangers posed by bird infestations: she contracted cryptococcal meningitis from pigeon droppings on her roof, suffering severe migraines and brain swelling before ultimately recovering in the hospital but enduring complete blindness after making it through. Erica’s story highlights the necessity of adopting effective bird control measures within buildings.

At, we provide comprehensive bird netting solutions tailored to commercial buildings to address health risks from bird droppings. Our bird netting systems are specifically designed to:

Prevent Access: By creating a physical barrier, our netting prevents birds from nesting in areas where their droppings and presence could be hazardous. Maintain Safety and Hygiene: Our solutions contribute to creating an environment free from bird infestation risks that pose potential health hazards.

Humane Bird Control Solutions: We take great care in designing our bird netting solutions so as to prevent birds from being deterred without harm.

Customised Solutions for Every Building

At, we understand that each commercial building is distinct in architectural features and style preferences. That is why we provide a range of netting options tailored specifically to their styles and needs. Our team of experts can offer consultation services to identify which option will work best.

Take Action Now: Don’t allow bird infestations to compromise the health and safety of your commercial property. Reach out to for an effective and humane bird netting solution that protects against the many potential health risks posed by birds. Take a stand today against these threats with us!

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