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Curtain Net is the specialist in Curtain nets for indoor and outdoor sporting facilities. We offer Australian and worldwide sales and installation plus the best quality and design for durable sports netting and nets.

Our curtain divider nets are 100% Australian-made, durable for all weather conditions and customised to fit any area. Curtain room divider nets are an important part of many sports facilities and can be used indoors or outdoors for a variety of sports including soccer, basketball, cricket and more.

The versatility of a curtain room separator net proves they are the perfect solution for maximising the use of space without expanding or rebuilding. The nets allow large open spaces to be divided into smaller sections creating a visual barrier between courts/area. This solution increases privacy between the spaces and minimises distractions between the courts.

Gym dividers also increased safety by containing airborne objects causing hazards to other players and spectators.

We offer Australia-wide sales, installation and repairs plus the best quality and design for durable sports netting and nets.

This gym divider net was erected by the team for St Mary’s College in Ipswich, Queensland.

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Sliding Gym Divider Curtain Tracks

Our sliding curtain track system comprises of a range of profile track sizes and components that bolt together to facilitate movement for opening and closing of curtain nets.

Characteristics of a sliding curtain track:

Our sliding curtain net track is the ideal solution for a large range of applications including:

Advantages of’s industrial sliding door track systems:

Standard components for an industrial sliding door track system:

Contact the team to custom design a sports net to suit your needs.



Here’s a great example of some custom gym divider net for multiple cricket pitches setup in a gymnasium.

Netting Room Dividers in Gyms and Sports Centres: Enhancing Space and Functionality

In the world of sports facilities and gyms, the ability to adapt and maximise space is crucial. Netting room dividers have emerged as a versatile solution, offering both practical and aesthetic benefits to sports centres and gymnasiums.

These dividers not only enhance the functionality of a space but also provide a cost-effective alternative to permanent structural changes. Let’s look at the importance of gym divider curtains, how to choose the right one for your facility, the various types available, and the numerous benefits they bring to sports environments. Whether you’re managing a school gym or a professional sports complex, understanding the potential of these innovative dividers is key to optimizing your space and catering to a diverse range of activities.


Why Gym Divider Curtains Are Important

Gym divider curtains serve a pivotal role in maximising the functionality and versatility of sports facilities. They offer several advantages:

  • Space Maximisation: By dividing a gym into multiple areas, these divider curtains create multipurpose fields, catering to different activities simultaneously. This feature is particularly beneficial for sports centres and schools where space optimisation is crucial.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Compared to permanent structures, room divider curtains provide an affordable way to transform the appearance and functionality of a gym. This adaptability allows for frequent layout changes without significant financial investment.
  • Customisation and Branding: With the ability to customise dividers to match specific colours, ceiling heights, and layouts, they reinforce brand identity and aesthetic coherence. This customisation extends to incorporating logos and designs that resonate with the organisation’s brand.
  • Long-Term Investment: Many gym dividers come with extended warranties, ensuring long-term protection and reliability.

Choosing the Right Sports Divider Curtain

Selecting the appropriate divider curtain involves several considerations:

  1. Architectural Compatibility: Assess your gym’s layout, including walls, windows, and doors. It’s crucial to understand the spatial dynamics to determine the ideal size and type of curtain.
  2. Containment and Visibility: Decide between mesh/netted curtains for visibility or heavier fabrics like vinyl for more containment. Consider aspects like light control, airflow, and aesthetic impact.
  3. Motorisation and Operation: Options range from hand-operated systems to electric motors. The choice should align with your facility’s operational convenience and user preferences.

Gym Divider Netting Options

Various types of gym divider curtains cater to different needs and facility types:

  • Fold-Up: Ideal for budget-conscious facilities, offering easy storage and transportability.
  • Roll-Up: Features a cable-free mechanism for ease of use.
  • Walk-Draw: A manual, straightforward option requiring minimal technical setup.
  • Top-Roll: An electrically operated, low-maintenance choice, suitable for diverse settings.
  • Peak-Fold: Custom-fit to ceiling contours, maximising space utilization.

Utilization of Netting in Sports Facilities

Beyond dividing spaces, netting serves multiple purposes in sports centres:

  • Space Optimisation: Allows for hosting various activities simultaneously, adapting the facility layout to accommodate different sports or events.
  • Protection: Helps in safeguarding other facility elements like vending machines, water fountains, and scoreboards from potential damage caused by sports activities.

Expanding Sports Facility Potential with Gym Divider Curtains

Gym Divider Curtain Solutions

In any sports complex, whether part of a school or an independent entity, the need for versatile and functional spaces is paramount. Gym divider curtains play a key role in this:

  • Versatility: These curtains transform areas to accommodate a range of activities, from sports events to assemblies.
  • Customisation: High-quality and customisable options ensure that each gym can have a divider that meets its specific needs, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics.

Key Features of Sports Barrier Netting Systems

Sports barrier netting systems come equipped with features ensuring longevity and effectiveness:

  • Speed: Quick unfolding feature for convenience.
  • Folding Lift: Enhances durability and reduces wear on the curtain’s motor.
  • Customisation: Offers options in colour, material, and dimensions to suit specific facility aesthetics.
  • Form Fold: Matches any ceiling pitch, allowing for seamless integration into the facility.

Benefits of Motorised Gym Divider Curtain Nets

Motorised gym divider curtains provide several advantages:

  • Increased Safety: Designates specific areas, reducing the risk of collisions and injuries.
  • Versatility: Accommodates multiple activities simultaneously, making the space more dynamic.
  • Containment: Effectively prevents interference from other games, maintaining order during multiple concurrent activities.
  • Efficiency: Customizable coverage area ensures that the space is ideal for any event or activity.

Netting room dividers in gyms and sports centres are more than just functional barriers; they are transformative elements that redefine how spaces are used and experienced. From maximizing the utility of a gymnasium to providing flexible solutions for different sports activities, these dividers prove their worth as indispensable assets. The versatility, ease of installation, and the variety of options available make them suitable for a wide range of facilities. By carefully considering factors such as space requirements, visibility, motorisation, and specific needs, administrators can significantly enhance the efficiency and safety of their sports facilities. Ultimately, the investment in quality gym divider curtains pays off in the form of a more adaptable, functional, and safe environment for athletes, students, and sports enthusiasts alike.

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Curtain nets are an often overlooked, but highly useful addition to any sports or fitness facility. These nets are typically made of durable and long-lasting materials, such as nylon or polypropylene, and can be hung from the ceiling or walls to provide a barrier between different areas of the sports centre or to separate equipment.

One of the main benefits of curtain nets in gyms is that they can help to increase the overall safety and security of the facility. By creating barriers between different areas of the gym, curtain nets can help to prevent accidents and injuries caused by equipment or erant balls. Additionally, curtain nets can also be used to create designated areas for different types of activities, such as stretching or cardio, which can help to reduce congestion and improve the overall flow of the gym.

Another benefit of curtain nets in gyms is that they can help to improve the overall aesthetic of the facility. These nets are available in a wide variety of colors and styles, so gym owners can choose a design that best fits their facility. Additionally, curtain nets can be customized with logos or other branding elements to further enhance the overall look and feel of the gym.

Curtain nets are also easy to install and maintain, making them a low-cost and low-maintenance option for gym owners. They can be easily removed and cleaned, and the materials used to make them are resistant to wear and tear, meaning they have a long life-span.

Overall, curtain nets are a versatile and highly beneficial addition to any gym or fitness facility. Whether you’re looking to increase safety and security, improve the overall aesthetic of your gym, or create designated areas for different activities, curtain nets are a great option to consider.

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