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Safety Pads & Pole Protectors specialises in high quality protection pads for all your sporting needs. Our foam padding is created for indoor and outdoor usage and designed to suit all weather conditions. Our goal post padding provides a secure and safe environment for sportsman and women to compete in, ensuring their bodies and heads are protected in case of accidental contact with on-field posts.

We can manufacture square or circular post protectors to your required dimensions.

No one wants to have an accident in the workplace, so post protectors (also called safety pads, pole protection or pole padding) provides the ideal solution for the safest working environment. They are exceptionally easy to use with little or no maintenance needed and will keep your area risk free 24 hours a day! safety foam pads can be used by schools & kindergartens, sports clubs, indoor sport centres, large companies, small offices, and virtually any place where safety is of critical importance providing everyone with some peace of mind. Our pole protector safety pads can save your business from avoidable accidents. 

Custom printing such as team logo/name is also available which is suitable for indoor and outdoor usage.

We can supply a large variety of vinyl colours, such as Black, Blue, Yellow, Red, Green, Orange, White and more.

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