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Construction Safety Net Manufacturer in Australia

Fall Arrest Safety Nets

Construction Safety Net Manufacturer in Australia

Use of construction safety net is an important aspect of any construction job. When your work involves heights or operating above people on the ground, you need increased protection. Our safety netting systems protect people from falls and prevent falling debris and projectiles. is construction safety net manufacturer on the Gold Coast for all Australian businesses and our sister business Fall Arrest Safety Nets, nets are used to improve the safety of construction site. Our Nets are durable and easy to install. Thus giving maximum safety at construction sites.

  • Scaffolding Net

    Fall protection is important to the safety of your workers and success of your construction project. Our custom designed fall protection netting will protect against serious injuries from high falls. Our safety netting is designed to catch workers to avoid serious injury.  talk to us about designing your required safety netting.

  • Debris Safety Net

    Stop falling construction debris and tools from injuring people or damaging property near your construction site. Add a second layer of protection to your construction netting by adding a debris liner. This smaller mesh netting prevents most items from falling or escaping a construction site. Use as drop netting for high projects or as debris covers for entire buildings in urban areas.

    • Building covers or building netting are important in urban construction projects where there is little to no space between the building under construction and the public. This is a common problem with rehab projects in cities, where sidewalks and busy streets are just inches from work being done. Debris protection is an important part of completing your project successfully. Our manufacturing line allows us to produce the right netting for your specific job.

The Safety Net Fan is the latest innovation in high-rise protection, ideally suited to compact, inner-city locations where space is limited and the protection of people and property from potential hazards is essential.

The Safety Net Fan catches and securely contains falling objects, protecting property, the public and site workers, at the same time protecting your business from possible litigation should an incident occur.
The Safety Net Fan is designed to fit directly to the building (steel or concrete frame) or to scaffolding using a range of purpose built attachments. The 3.3m wide standard fan, the m4.6m wide Maxi Fan and the 3.3m wide corner options, ensure that the Safety Net Fan is suitable for almost every design of building including those with overhangs.
  • Fans can be folded in to retrieve fallen objects

Available Sizes : can be designed to suit your requirements